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Work Process

Work Process

Step 1

Firstly a customer visits our website and requests a free quotation by submitting the Get Quote form or they can directly send us an order by filling in the Order form. In order to send us an Order the customer first needs to register on our site and then login using the registered Username and Password.

Step 2

We then send the customer a free Quote within 24 hours after receiving the quotation enquiry. If the customer has sent us an order, we send a confirmation mail to the customer against their order with any queries regarding their Vector Art.

Step 3

Our planning unit does a careful analysis of the Vector Art & forwards the job to the right person.

Step 4

Our Digitizing Unit then does the digitizing work keeping in mind the final production. All our company standards are followed by the digitizers to provide our customer the best quality design.

Step 5

The completed design is then sent to our Quality Analyst Unit. They thoroughly check the quality of the design on the computer first and then by running it on our sampling machines. In case of any quality issues, the design is again sent back to the digitizer for rectification and rechecked by the QA unit multiple number of times until they are completely satisfied with the final design quality.

Step 6

After the design is passed by the QA unit an invoice is sent to the customer & the customer makes the payment of the design. Payment of the design can be done online by visiting the Payments page on our site. Payments on our site is done via Paypal After the payment is received we deliver them the digitized design file. If a customer has done an advance payment, then we send them an invoice and the design file. by visiting the Payments page on our site. Payments on our site is done via Paypal

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